Will you sponsor Queen Victoria’s Bedroom?

This bedroom was used by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It features original Chinese export wallpaper.

You can become a sponsor of this virtual room from just £60. To find out why it’s so special listen to our Royal Pavilion curators discuss Queen Victoria’s Bedroom.

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Why sponsor this room?

Our Royal Pavilion curators David Beevers and Alexandra Loske explain why Queen Victoria’s Bedroom is so special.

David Beevers

‘It was just called the Chamber over the Entrance Hall in the Pavilion inventory and wasn’t allocated to a specific person. Queen Victoria decided to live here and she realised it was a small room. She called the rooms in the Pavilion small and it was one of the many reasons she decided she no longer wanted to live here. But by Royal standards, this is a modest room. What is extraordinary about this room is that I’m almost certain that the Queen and Prince Albert actually shared a bed. Now, what is surprising about that they were a married couple? But it is surprising in Royal circles because generally monarchs slept apart with linked dressing rooms, but here they did share this bed and it must have been very cramped. Prince Albert’s dressing room was in a room that no longer exists, which is now part of what we call the William IV room. Queen Victoria’s dressing room was also connected with this room but these rooms were so changed after the Pavilion ceased to be a Royal Palace that the sense of how the rooms are actually arranged is quite difficult for visitors to appreciate today.’

Alexandra Loske

‘In Victoria’s private apartments, and we’re looking at the bedroom here, we have Chinese wallpaper on the walls and this was made, this wallpaper hand-painted or the parts of it also added printed bits added here in Europe, hand painted in China for the export markets and these were extraordinarily expensive and they arrive here and they give you, you know when you hang these in buildings here, you’re basically creating oriental gardens, decorating a room with Chinese export wallpaper. And these wonderful jewel-like colours showing exotic plants, exotic birds meant you were creating windows into another world on the other side of the globe. And it’s really nice to think that Victoria actually really liked this because she removed almost all of this wallpaper when she sold the Royal Pavilion and she re-hung it in Buckingham Palace.’