Will you sponsor the Entrance Hall?

The Entrance Hall is where guests to the Royal Pavilion were greeted by George IV’s servants. It is deliberately subdued in appearance to act as a prelude to the fantasy that awaits.

You can become a sponsor of this virtual room from £45. To find out why it’s so special listen to our Royal Pavilion curators discuss the Entrance Hall.

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Why sponsor this room?

Our Royal Pavilion curators David Beevers and Alexandra Loske explain why the Entrance Hall is so special.

David Beevers

‘Well, the whole aim of the Pavilion was to get richer and richer as you got deeper and deeper inside it and these first rooms because visitors approach the Octagon Hall first, and then the Entrance Hall and the idea is that they’re quite subdued in comparison with what’s to come. So it’s sort of preparing you for the riches to come and these rooms were sort of service rooms in the sense that this is where liveried footmen for instance would be waiting for visitors to arrive. The King wouldn’t greet people here, he only greeted people much further into the Pavilion in the Saloon primarily. So this is where liveried servants would stand where guests would arrive and the idea of these rooms really was to give some sort of sense of anticipation of what was to come.’

Alexandra Loske

‘So the Entrance Hall is really interesting because visitors to the Royal Pavilion would only have seen the outside and then that little octagonal room that they’ve just come through but this is the first proper room and what I like about it is that you see the first signs of what is to come later, you have the first painted dragons on the walls, but they’re not sort of sculptures yet they are still only painted and you have lanterns instead of chandeliers. It’s a taste of what’s to come.’