This new project seeks to assess and document the vast collection of material relating to the development of the Royal Pavilion Estate, from Pre-Regency times to the present day.

royalpalacebrightonA small team of curators and volunteers, led by Alexandra Loske, will embark on recording what archival sources exist, catalogue and order them and concentrate on researching a few particular stories. These include the under-researched stables complex (now the Dome and Corn Exchange) and the importance that horses played at George IV’s court; the history of entertainment, amusement and performances in the Pavilion Gardens; and what exactly happened to the estate in the early municipal phase, just after the sale of the Royal Pavilion by Queen Victoria in 1850. Apart from taking care of rare and fragile archival objects we hope to make exciting new discoveries and make these accessible in various forms.

You can follow work on the project with the Pavilion Archives Tumblr.

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