Walk the Adelaide Corridor

The Adelaide Corridor is narrow and gloomy as the wallpaper has to be protected with low light levels.

Digitising this wallpaper enables us to make it accessible to many more people. Here we present it as a visitor to the Royal Pavilion may experience it today.

360 walkthrough

Head over to our 360 panorama site to take a virtual stroll up and down the corridor. Click on the hotspots to open up a zoomable hi-res image of the wallpaper in that section.

Section by section

Click on the images below to open that section of wallpaper in a new tab on your browser. You will then be able to zoom into the detail and even download and re-use sections.

West wall

Lantern festival and musicians
Meeting of officials

East wall

Eight immortals and dragon boat racing
Dragon boat racing
Dragon boat racing
Officials at the river


Hunt scene



We’re grateful for contributions to research on the Adelaide Corridor from:

Supported by the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art.