3D modeller Colin Jones has been working with us to reveal how the Royal Pavilion Estate has evolved over time. Working with curators and conservators, he has used original documents in the Royal Pavilion archive to produce several 3D models of the Royal Pavilion Estate.

3D Pavilion Estate

For a rich experience that can be enjoyed on most computers, this model shows the Pavilion Estate as it appears today, with audio commentary by Royal Pavilion curator Alexandra Loske: http:/brightonmuseums.org.uk/3DPavilion.

Virtual Reality model

Screen grab of VR view of Royal Pavilion Estate mode
VR view of Royal Pavilion Estate mode

If you have a Google Cardboard style VR viewer, you can experience a virtual reality model of the Pavilion Estate with your smartphone. Simply head to http://brightonmuseums.org.uk/VRPavilion with your phone’s internet browser, and then pop the phone into your viewer. You’ll now be able to explore the Pavilion Estate with a turn of your head.

Further work

Colin’s work in progress can be found at his Royal Pavilion Time Machine. This is an ongoing project, but we hope to use these models both online and in the Royal Pavilion soon.

3D model of Repton's designs for the Royal PavilionColin has also produced a model based on unrealised designs for the Royal Pavilion produced by Humphry Repton. See the model and learn more about Repton in our Tales from the Pavilion Archive.



3D model

2015 model of the Royal Pavilion.



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