One Minute app — privacy notice

The One Minute app collects anonymised usage data. The app tracks which objects you scan and how long you spend reading each story. This enables us to evaluate how well the app works for users and will inform future improvements. The app does not collect any personally identifiable information from you. Aside from the camera, it does not track or load any data from your phone or its sensors.

The app requires access to your phone’s camera in order to work. The picture that you take with your camera is sent to Microsoft’s Custom Vision service so that it can be recognised against our database of works. We do not use your picture for any other purpose. We advise you not to include people in your photographs as this will not help the service recognise the object.

Custom Vision is a service provided by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. To read more about these services and how your data is handled, please refer to the its compliance and privacy policy.

The app was originally developed by the IT University of Copenhagen as part of the Horizon 2020 funded Gift Project. This version is managed by the Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust (RPMT) with additional development services supplied by Mnemoscene.

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