Head downstairs to discover what a life in service would have been like in Edwardian times.

Photograph of the servants kitchen in Preston Manor

This is where the butler, cooks and maids would have worked to enable their upper-class employers to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

The simply decorated rooms contrast with the luxury to be found upstairs. On display are some early kitchen machines and gadgets, such as a mangle and an ice-cream maker.

While the butler would report to the master of the house and the lady’s maid would report to the lady of the house, some of the servants would seldom go upstairs and rarely see their employers.

The upstairs and downstairs of Preston Manor provide a fascinating insight into an Edwardian lifestyle which began to break down after the First World War.


• The Boot Hall where the boots and shoes for the family were cleaned each day
• The Butler’s room, where the butler ironed the newspapers every day
• The kitchen, which contains an impressive batterie de cuisine – the pots and pans expected in a manor house including a cast-iron Dutch oven.