Traditionally, the drawing room was a place for relaxation and to entertain guests before or after a meal. It was also the room where women would entertain their friends or sew or read through the day or evening in comfort.

The Drawing room

The drawing room at Preston Manor is a graceful room with fine views over Preston Park and light streaming in from the large windows in the corridor.

Tastefully decorated with Chinese vases, Wedgewood and elegant furniture, it is easy to imagine the Stanford family entertaining their friends in style and sophistication.

The room shows the fashions of the early 20th century, with Chinese porcelain and mahogany furniture. There are also some good examples of British pottery, including pieces from Wedgewood and Worcester pottery.

Family pictures displayed through the room show this was very much a family space, though clearly a family used to luxury.


  • The large mahogany doors which lead to the dining room are from the 18 century and are richly carved and impressive.
  • Look up and admire the French Louis XVI six-light candelabra. The ornate ceiling was replaced around 1750, although the cornice is believed to be original.
  • Gilt frames around the paintings and large mirror above the fireplace create a feeling of light and opulence.

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