Upstairs in Preston Manor is where the Stanford family relaxed, away from the more formal ground floor rooms.

Mr Stanford's bedroom

These rooms are more comfortable, although not entirely private, by modern standards. Servants were regularly in and about the rooms in order to look after their employers. Charles Thomas-Stanford’s butler would have been responsible for helping him dress and maintain his room and wardrobe. Like all the servants, he would have been summoned via a bell which rang downstairs in the servants’ quarters.

Ellen Stanford’s room was linked both to her husband’s room and another room where her lady’s maid and head housemaid slept. They would have been expected to be available to their employer whenever she needed them. Ellen’s room is dominated by a four-poster bed dressed in pretty floral bedding with matching curtains.

Ellen's Room

It overlooks the grand entrance to the house – giving her the opportunity to see when her guests were arriving. The Stanfords were regular hosts and known for their generous hospitality and stylish events.


  • A large mirror in Ellen’s bedroom, which would have enabled her to see herself at all angles as she dressed for one of her parties for the rich and well-connected.
  • On the same floor is also the guest room, once known as the red room because of the colour it was painted
  • There is also the bathroom with a luxurious bathtub, perfect for relaxing before the evening’s preparations for dinner