Support Our Troops – WWI role play

2 hours, onsite, KS1/2

It’s 1915 and Ellen Thomas-Stanford is inviting local schoolchildren to help her and her staff support wounded soldiers and refugees in the town. Lady Ellen’s grandson Vere is at war in France and the household are doing all they can to help. You are invited to come dressed in your finest school uniforms to help sort clothes, prepare for a fundraising sale, make bunting, knit and sew, write letters to Indian soldiers in the Royal Pavilion Hospital and practise singing for a charity show. Your town and the troops need your support.

Preston manor, Vere fane Benett Stanford, brighton, Exhibitions
Vere Fane-Benett-Stanford, 1914

Aims of the session

  1. To enjoy your time with us
  2. To bring the past to life
  3. To take part in some of the daily activity taking place in Brighton to support troops in the town and in Europe
  4. To find out more about how people lived in the past
  5. To find out more about Ellen Stanford’s role in WWI

Curriculum Links


KS1 & 2: Significant historical events, people and places in their own locality

KS2: A local history study, a significant turning point in British history