Let’s Be Victorian Servants

1.5 hours, onsite, KS1

The servants at the Manor need your help with their daily duties. The house needs dusting, the floors need sweeping and the fireplace polishing. Find out all about homes in the past in Brighton’s most famous Victorian manor house.

What does the session include?

The children are invited to come dressed as a Victorian servant to Preston Manor and find out more about the jobs a servant would do and what life was like for them. They can experience what life was like for a Victorian servant by doing some of the household chores themselves, including working with food in the kitchen.

• Please let us know of any SEN/D needs of your class before your visit.

• Please ensure suitable adult supervision.

Aims of the session

1. To enjoy your time with us

2. To bring the past to life

3. To take part in some of the daily tasks of the servants of the Manor

4. To find out more about how people lived and worked in the past

Curriculum Links


Significant historical events, people and places in locality

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