Murder Mystery 

2 hours, onsite, KS2

It’s 1933 and staff have been busy setting up the new Stanford Museum. The visiting Restorer has been murdered and the Gardener has been arrested.

What does the session include?

Children are invited to be a detective for a day, come and help the Assistant Curator prove his innocence, sift through the evidence, follow the clues, build up their argument and crack the crime.

• Please let us know of any SEN/D needs of your class before your visit.

• Please ensure suitable adult supervision.

Aims of the session

  1. To enjoy your time with us
  2. To construct persuasive arguments
  3. To explore attitudes to crime and punishment
  4. To inspire further literacy work

Curriculum Links


  • Use spoken language fluidly and audibly to explore ideas and participate in discussion
  • Use role play/improvisation for debate
  • Use appropriate communication methods
  • Consider and evaluate different viewpoints


  • Changes in aspects of social history, such as crime and punishment

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