Birds of a Feather

21 May to 15 November 2016
Hove Museum

Free admission

Carolina Parrot, illustration from 'Birds of America'. 1972
Carolina Parrot, illustration from ‘Birds of America’. 1972

Birds were the focus of many enthusiasts and collectors in the 19th century. The drawings, paintings and collections they created sought to identify and describe all species of birds, but many were also intended as works of art in their own right.

The paintings, books and birds in this family friendly display all come from the collection of the Booth Museum of Natural History here in Brighton & Hove. They show not only the desire to group and organise, but also the beauty and characteristics of the subject matter.

Please note the change of end date from our printed What’s On. The display closes on 15 November.

Photo of Birds of a Feather display in Hove Museum

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