Butterfly--into-the-blueInto the Blue

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Start: 6th July 2013
End: 2nd September 2014
Categories: Exhibitions

This exhibition is now closed.


Do you know why there are no blue mammals or what a khillazon is?

This family friendly exhibition of all things blue, from the collections of the Royal Pavilion & Museums, is a journey of discovery in science, art and history. Using the blue objects as a starting point the exhibits lead to the discovery of some fascinating facts and the investigation of some intriguing questions.

Start with a collection of blue minerals to find out about pigment and paint through the ages and which shade exactly was called ‘the diamond of pigments’. Explore the evolutionary story of birds, bugs and mammals to discover how creatures see in colour and which colours they see.  How does blue feature in decoration, both for humans and animals? Why is the sky blue? And which creature amongst us all has the best eyesight?

Into the Blue is part of Out of the Blue-Waide, a collaborative project involving six organisations in Brighton & Hove and Amiens (France), funded by the Interreg IVa Channel programme. It is one of three exhibitions in Brighton & Hove as part of this programme. The others areRegency Colour and Beyond, 1785-1835 at the Royal Pavilion, 15 June to 13 October 2013 and The Blue Route at Fabrica, 6 April to 27 May 2013.

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