Paper Cuts


Start:6 April 2007

End: 1 July 2007

Categories: Exhibitions

This exhibition is now closed

Eight British and international artists employ everyday techniques and an ordinary medium to reflect on our culture and environment. The delicate quality of paper relates to our own vulnerability, dreams and ambitions.

Peter Callesen and Simon Woolham tell childhood adventures through adult eyes in their miniature landscapes and architectural models. William Kentridge’s film shows a procession of shadowy paper figures who carry all their possessions on their backs. Beatrice Coron’s and David Miles’s cut-out books and mobiles show how people interact in an urban environment.

Other artists explore the impact of one culture on another. Bruce Ingram’s paper flowers combine the exotic with the clichéd. Pamela So investigates the way Chinese and English aesthetics have influenced each other in her paper garden. Annette Schröter’s women in traditional German costume incorporate symbols of global capitalism.

Paper cutting has been used by many different cultures throughout history to mark important events and religious occasions.