The skill and artistry of leading craft-makers is celebrated in the Craft Galleries at Hove Museum.

Hove craft gallery

The two galleries show beautiful contemporary craft by leading regional and international makers in a variety of media, including ceramics, glass, textile, metalwork, jewellery, woodwork.

Drawing on themes of inspiration, alchemy and making, the works explore the processes of making in different materials.

The gallery displays works from leading makers including ceramics by Kate Malone, Carol McNicoll, Alison Britton and Richard Slee; jewellery by Stephen Bottomley and Cynthia Cousins; and textiles by Alice Kettle.

The gallery includes two films which show the making processes of the craft-makers represented in the collection. In addition, a number of handling samples provide the visitor with tactile experience of the different materials used by the makers in their work.

There is a small trail for children in the hallway gallery, inviting children to engage with some of the works in an imaginative way.