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Preston Manor postcard

Skeletal Burials: Truth, Lies & Legends Walking Tour

Preston Manor & Gardens
10 September 2022
Preston Manor postcard

Saturday 10 September


Come and unravel the legend of a mysterious skeleton found in 1897 at Preston Manor as visitors enjoy a walking tour of Preston Manor Garden with resident historian Paula Wrightson.

On 29th January 1897, a skeleton was unearthed at Preston Manor, said to be the remains of the house ghost, a cruelly wronged nun contacted at a séance two months earlier. This tour re-walks the final footsteps of Sister Agnes asking was she buried alive? If so why, and did her troubled spirit find eternal rest…

Enjoy a walking historical garden tour with resident historian Paula Wrightson as you unravel the mystery of Sister Agnes.

Suitable for all ages, but the tour features walking, standing and listening, so may not be suitable for younger children. Dogs are permitted and the tour is wheelchair accessible. All of the tour is outside. The tour does not allow free access to the interior of Preston Manor, but tickets to the house can still be bought on the day.

Preston Manor postcard

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