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Paul Couchman - The Regency Cook

Royal Pavilion & Garden
11 May 2023

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Paul Couchman, regency cook
Paul Couchman

Paul Couchman – The Regency Cook

Thursday 11 May

11am-12pm £20, members/patrons £15, book in advance

Priority booking for members and patrons only from 5 April until 16 April. General release from 17 April.

Meet Paul Couchman, an historical cook who specialises in recreating and teaching about Regency-era cuisine. Based in Brighton he has become known as The Regency Cook and helps people to explore Regency cooking using very modern technology.

Paul’s passion for historical cooking began when he started collecting antique cookbooks and experimented with the recipes he found inside. His aim is to encourage those interested in history to cook more food from the past and those who already cook to add more history to their dishes.

Paul Couchman, regency cook
Paul Couchman

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