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Image of black and white birds

Extinct Wonders: from Brighton to oblivion

Online Talk
7 December 2022
Image of black and white birds

Online zoom event

Wednesday 7 December, 12pm (UK time)


Join naturalist and author Michael Blencowe as he sets out on a virtual expedition, searching for remains of the world’s extraordinary, but now extinct creatures.

Taking inspiration from Brighton’s Booth Museum of Natural History, Michael’s journey will take us around the globe, encompassing forests, oceans, and the urban sprawl.

Weaving in some of the fascinating stories featured in his book ‘Gone’, Michael will reacquaint us with sea cows, monster birds, lost butterflies and other extinct wonders that once lived alongside us.

This online talk is part of a wider events programme accompanying the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition being shown at Brighton Museum & Art gallery, 22 October 2022 until 22 January 2023.

Image of black and white birds

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