The Royal Pavilion & Museums Insider newsletter is a monthly digest of stories about our museums, collections and work behind the scenes.

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Listed month by month, with direct links to both the newsletter and the featured content.

November 2018

‘This month’s newsletter is about hopes and remembrances. We’re looking forward to the festive season, with a collection of Victorian Christmas cards and the arrival of Father Christmas at Preston Manor. But we’re also looking at more sombre topics, such as how we remember the various struggles that brought women the right to vote and an end to WW1.’

October 2018

‘In this month’s newsletter we look behind the scenes of a royal visit, see how an old master can inspire marginalised artists, examine an eerie photograph taken at Preston Manor, and find out how a pioneering aviator came to break his propeller on Brighton beach.’

September 2018

‘Welcome to the September 2018 Insider newsletter. This month we introduce some stunning new views of the Royal Pavilion Saloon, meet some colourful snails, and discover why a ‘Jolly Roger’ was once proudly displayed in Hove.’