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Four members of Women's Land Army sit around a brick structure, probably an oven, 1941. Taken at a site in Brighton during World War Two, probably in Woodingdea

The ‘Cinderella Service’: Photographs of the Women’s Land Army

Two young women pace across a newly-ploughed field, buckets in hands, hair blowing in the wind. One has a potato in their left hand; both of their faces are slightly blurred, but they seem to be smiling wistfully, caught up … Continued

School Teacher Resources

Are you a teacher looking for resources for your lessons? Here is a selection of free and reusable digital resources listed by topic. Art Visit Art UK and view digital copies of our paintings. Tip: You can search for paintings … Continued

Out & About

Two ways in which you can enjoy our online offer outdoors. The Mindful Garden The Mindful Garden is an experimental audio tour of the Royal Pavilion Garden. Written and narrated by author and academic Craig Jordan-Baker, it can be found … Continued

Hidden Nature: Flower power from the Far East – Peony, the King of Flowers

Continuing this weeks Heritage Open Days theme of Hidden Nature, we take a look at some of the hidden flowers among the Royal Pavilion wallpaper. During Covid-lockdown the Royal Pavilion team of conservators and curators worked hard on rehanging the … Continued

Understanding Nature

Whether preserved in our collections, on display in the Booth Museum, or living and breathing in the Royal Pavilion Garden, we can help you appreciate and enjoy the natural world. Nature at Home Written during the Covid-19 lockdown, the curatorial … Continued

Home Schooling

Do you have children attending school at home? Or are you a teacher looking for additional resources? These PDF learning packs are based on our museum displays and collections but can easily be used at home. You may also want … Continued

Graphic with blue background and white lettering stating 'Voices of the Royal Pavilion & Museums'

Episode 4: The Ghosts of Preston Manor

Preston Manor is reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in Britain. In this episode Sophie talks to Chris Drake (Development and Operations Manager at Preston Manor), Paula Wrightson (Venue Officer), Lavender Jones (long-standing volunteer) and David Beevers … Continued

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