Remix the Museum

Since 2014 we’ve been inviting young people to come into our museums and remix them into weird and wonderful animations.

Working with Brighton Youth Film Festival and animator Dave Packer as part of our regular programme, we’ve seen:

  • the Royal Pavilion turned into a lemon squeezer
  • a zebra make an escape bid from the Booth Museum of Natural history
  • our Floating Worlds exhibition in Brighton Museum take to the clouds

The video below shows some Remix work from the last six years, but you can see more on Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube.

Get Inspired

If you want to create your own animations at home or simply play around with some digital images, take a look at our Digital Media Bank. You will find over 21,000 digital images of objects in our collections that you can download and re-use free of charge.

Stuck for ideas? To get you thinking, see if you can guess what themes we’ve explored in past Remix the Museums by taking a look at the promotional images below.

Remix the Museum will return soon.