Are you a teacher looking for resources for your lessons? Here is a selection of free and reusable digital resources listed by topic.


Visit Art UK and view digital copies of our paintings.

Tip: You can search for paintings by other categories such as topic, style or date.

Little Nell and Her Grandfather Leaving London, 1857

Visit our web resource Fashioning Africa to explore the initiative behind this project and view some of the garments, textiles and artwork from the exhibition.


View our Discover Ancient Egypt (pdf) teaching pack for suggested activity ideas.

Read our Museum blog to find photographs of the fascinating journey the Thomas-Stanfords of Preston Manor took through Egypt at the start of the twentieth century.


Find out about our exhibition Queer the Pier, celebrating the lives of the LGBTIQ+ community in our city, with a series of online films and extra stories. Over at Queer Looks Voices hear the stories behind the outfits from this exhibition.

Although our Museum of Transology display has now ended, you can find out how it came about and discover one of the many objects from the display.

Natural Sciences

Try looking on our web resource Ocean Blues to find out about local marine life and conservation projects; you can also find a wealth of information about the human impact on the natural world through our Climate Conversations.

Historic Images

To quickly search for images from our Digital Media Bank relating to a specific time period look under our Timeline. For images relating to local figures look under the category People.

Sake Dean Mahomed, c1810


Find out about Brighton & Hove’s earliest residents, from the Stone Age to the Anglo-Saxons, with our learning packs.

Roman tile with an impression of a dog’s paw.

Find images from the archaeological collections on our Digital Media Bank and visit Sketchfab to get up close to 3D models of collection objects.

Royal Pavilion

Take our new virtual tour of the Royal Pavilion.


View our Royal Pavilion Teaching resource (pdf) for an overview of the Royal Pavilion’s history, and our Pavilion Contemporary resource (pdf) for an interesting ‘museumaker’ project to try.

Visit RPMT’s You Tube channel for videos of behind the scenes at the Royal Pavilion including the recent restoration of the saloon.

Visit our web resource Visions of the Royal Pavilion Estate to see the Royal Pavilion up close including 3D models of the Estate.


Victorian local history photographs and objects can be found on our Digital Media Bank.

Pupils at Ditchling Road School, 1897.


Wellbeing & entertainment

For something a little different, try your hand at online jigsaw puzzles, listen to a mindful tour of the Royal Pavilion Garden, or even take part in a murder mystery!

Women’s history

View an online gallery of Anita Corbin’s portraits from the First 100 Women photo exhibition.

Local history photographs and objects on the Suffragettes can be found on our Digital Media Bank.

black and white photograph of MAry Hare wearing her women's police volunteer uniform. It's an image from the waist up. She is staring straight at the camera with a serious expression. She is wearing a buttoned up jacket, a white shirt and dark tie. She has a hat on.
Mary Hare, suffragette.

Hear the experiences of former Land Girls interviewed by Brighton & Hove pupils in this video clip from the Land Girls exhibition.


WWII local history photographs can be found on our Digital Media Bank. A popular resource is the map of bomb landings in Brighton & Hove.

Barbed wire on Brighton seafront, 1944.

Visit our WWII web resource for an online display to mark the 75th anniversary of VE day.