We hold a large collection of Stone Age objects stretching from the Palaeolithic through to the Neolithic. The majority of pieces in the collection were found in Brighton & Hove but we also hold items from the wider British Isles, Continental Europe, Africa and other international sites.

As the Stone Age is a relatively new subject at Key Stage 2, we have been working with local primary teachers to develop information and material that can support their knowledge and teaching of the subject.

Teaching Packs

Cover of All about Neolithic Brighton teaching pack
All about Neolithic Brighton teaching pack

Teachers notes and downloadable packs about Brighton in the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic epochs can be found in our Digital Media Bank.

Details about teaching sessions at our museums can be found on the Local History page of the Heritage Learning Brighton website.

Online Game

Stone Age Quest is a game designed to introduce primary school pupils to the nationally important Whitehawk Causewayed Enclosure in east Brighton. It will also introduce students to the Neolithic, and show how this was a time that heralded a major change in lifestyle — from hunter-gatherer to settled farmer.

Stone Age Quest


Our Stone Age artefacts are part of our archaeology collections.

Some of our digitised Stone Age objects can found on our collections database, such as these items from the Whitehawk Neolithic Camp. Downloadable hi-res images can be found on our Digital Media Bank.

A small number of Stone Age objects have been digitised as 3D models with the support of the University of Brighton’s Cultural Informatics Group. You can find these on our Sketchfab account, such as the Neanderthal hand axe below.



Stories & Research

You can read a variety of stories about our Stone Age and other archaeological collections on our blog.

As part of a community archaeology project, a Tumblr was produced recording work on the Whitehawk Causewayed Enclosure.