Your support as a Member will help us to fund vital conservation work, purchase important works of art, and bring the very best art and culture to Brighton & Hove.

 Recent Successes

  • Royal Pavilion SaloonSaving the Saloon: thanks to the support of our Members we have raised funds for urgent work on the Saloon, the last of the three great state rooms at the Royal Pavilion to be restored since the palace came into public ownership.
  • Turner’s Brighthelmston, Sussex: in 2012, a generous donation from one of our members helped us purchase an important watercolour by JMW Turner, depicting the Chain Pier and the Royal Pavilion
Brighthelmston, Sussex, by JMW Turner, c1824
Brighthelmston, Sussex, by JMW Turner, c1824

 What Members say

Audrey Veronese“Art and Museums are a passion of mine. Being a member of the Foundation is my chance to get involved in the local arts and culture. Hove is my local museum, it is a very English museum! The Toy Gallery is perfect for children, in fact the whole museum is well adjusted to children and is a great introduction for children to feel comfortable in museums.
I didn’t read anything about The Pavilion before I visited it. I just went. It was a great surprise! Obviously I had seen the outside and guessed it was 19th Century, I just thought it so weird! When we stepped into the first room, the porch I thought ‘its nice, classical’ then we wandered into the long gallery and then the banqueting room. I couldn’t believe that this was in Brighton. I would never have expected to have seen something so luxurious!
The Royal Pavilion is a celebration of luxury and imagination. I would expect to see something like it in somewhere like Dubai but never England! The Foundation brings the museums and collections to life. It is a way to participate and share my interest for the arts with other people.”