Whether preserved in our collections, on display in the Booth Museum, or living and breathing in the Royal Pavilion Garden, we can help you appreciate and enjoy the natural world.

Nature at Home

Written during the Covid-19 lockdown, the curatorial team at the Booth Museum have written a series of tips on how you can enjoy nature from the safety of your own home. Whether you have access to a garden or simply a view from a window, there are always ways to explore the natural world.

Royal Pavilion Garden

Robert at work in the Royal Pavilion Garden

The Royal Pavilion Gardener and his team of volunteers have written a number of articles about the garden. Covering the plants in the garden and how it can be used for a more mindful appreciation of the natural world.


Climate Conversations

A series using our Natural Science collections and discussions with experts to highlight the threat to our biodiversity posted by climate change — and suggestions about what we can all do to help.

Booth Bird of the Month

Every month one of our bird specimens is showcased in the Booth Museum of Natural History. In addition to placing the bird pride of place in the museum, we tell a story about the species on our blog.