Royal Pavilion

Pavilion Tales

Join us in the magnificent Music Room for secrets, stories and unexpected histories in these popular pop-up talks by Royal Pavilion & Museums staff.

Upcoming tales:

7 February – England Expects: The Nelson Lamp at the Royal Pavilion
Join Visitor Services Officer Naomi Daw as she explores Britain’s role as a naval power in the Napoleonic era, through the Nelson Lamp on display at the Royal Pavilion.

14 February – The Rise and Fall of Sake Dean Mahomed
Indian traveller, surgeon and entrepreneur, this Pavilion Tale from Olivia James sheds light on Sake Dean Mahomed’s finest moments and charts his decline when fashion and society abandoned him.

21 February – Queen Victoria: A View from the Palace
What were Queen Victoria’s views on Brighton and the Royal Pavilion? Find out by joining us for this fascinating Pavilion Tale from Derrick Bradfield.

28 February – A Gentleman and His Tailor
An informal parade through the dressing and grooming rituals of the Regency man about town, visiting the Prince Regent, and Beau Brummell along the way.
Delivered by Darren Terry.

Please note the length of each tale varies and 45 minutes is a guide.


Free with Royal Pavilion admission