Royal Pavilion

Pavilion Tales

Join us in the magnificent Music Room for secrets, stories and unexpected histories in these regular pop-up talks by Royal Pavilion & Museums staff.

1 February – Motherhood in the Georgian Court
The Tragedy of Queen Caroline and Princess Charlotte, a Pavilion Tale delivered by Amanda Scales.

8 February – All that glitters…is mostly silver!
We know George IV loved gold, but he was also very keen on silver. The Royal Pavilion is a rare example of an historic building where silver is used lavishly like a colour in interior decoration. Find out what makes our dragons and snakes shimmer and sparkle, and how we are replacing the silvered wall decorations in the Saloon.

15 February – A Grim Tale
Inspired by Horrible Histories, Tom Fisher will deliver a tale about the less glamorous aspects of Georgian Living. Aimed at half-term family audiences, he’ll talk about the macabre medicines and grotesque goings-on behind the refinement of the Georgian age.

22 February – Georgian Games: Blood Sports & Kingly Pursuits
Bareknuckle Fighting, Bear Baiting and Bull Running were just some of the barbaric pastimes enjoyed by the Georgian crowds. But it was also the beginning of the hugely popular spectator sports we’re familiar with today. Join us for a tale of the Boxing rings, sporting arenas and race tracks during the time of King George.

Please note the length of the tales vary each week and 45 minutes is the maximum.


Free with Royal Pavilion admission , members free