Our digitised collections are available to search online. Where possible we make the data and images freely available for re-use.

We are currently working on an improved collection search facility which will launch alongside our new website in June 2022. For now, the following online resources can be used.

Digital Media Bank

Our Digital Media Bank provides access to over 20,000 openly licensed images of our collections. Users can download images free of charge in a variety of sizes.

These images can mostly be re-used without paying a licence free, although we may charge for some types of commercial use. See our Image Reproduction pages for more information.

Please help keep our online collections free by donating to support our work.

Historic Brighton Newspapers

You can find over 20,000 periodicals published in Brighton and Hove on our Historic Brighton Newspapers website. These were all published between 1806 and 1921 and can be viewed or downloaded in PDF format.

As we only release periodicals that we consider to be in the public domain, there is no charge for use. However, please help to keep this service free by donating to support our work.

The Keep

Some objects from our local history collections are held at The Keep. These can be found and ordered using The Keep’s online catalogue.


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