Community History

Rockers at the Ace Cafe, London, 1999
Rockers at the Ace Cafe, London, 1999

Community history is represented in Brighton & Hove Museums’ holdings by an extensive oral history collection

The collection comprises over 400 recordings of interviews and personal testimonies made by a wide cross-section of the community. They capture the rich diversity of city life, expressing the views and experiences of street traders, pub landlords, war veterans, schoolchildren, craft makers, and ‘renegade’ subcultures.

The collection has been developed to complement many of the museums’ key holdings: including local history and archaeology, world art, film and media, costume and fashion, and contemporary craft. Some of these interviews can be heard in galleries in Brighton Museum and Hove Museum.

As well as recently collected oral histories, the collection includes over 900 BBC Radio Brighton recordings from 1968 to 1983.