The geological collections contain specimens in the following forms:

  • Chalk fossils and samples from Sussex
  • Fossils
  • Mineralogical and petrological slides
  • Rock samples of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks
  • Maps, catalogues and diaries of geological collectors.

They have been obtained by various collectors from around the world. The specimens include collections from:

  • George Bax Holmes’ Horsham focused collections including a large amount of Iguanodon fossil material.
  • Sir Alexander Crichton’s mineralogical collections from Russian and Eastern Europe.
  • Type specimen chalk fossils from a variety of locally based collectors. The Published Type Catalogue can be downloaded and read here: Published Type Catalogue February 2020
  • Fossil insect collections from Dr Andrew Ross, now at Edinburgh Museum.

The museum holds chalk fossils and sub-fossils from the elephant beds which represent the ice age and late cretaceous environments of Sussex.