Find out more about Brighton Museum’s new exhibition, Queer the Pier, with the exhibition’s Community Curators in this series of online films and extra stories.

The Queer the Pier display celebrates the lives of LGBTIQ+ writers, artists, performers, activists – and ordinary people – who’ve made Brighton & Hove so fabulous.

Community Curators

In these short films, you’ll hear the Community Curators explain how the show they made came together, what’s in it and the way it helps us all better understand the spirit of the city we recognise so fondly today.

Daren Kay

Daren talks about how queer histories are invisible within history.

E-J Scott

Hear from E-J Scott about the role “community curation” has played in telling Brighton’s LGBTIQ+ stories.

Daniel Ball, Lucie Rachel, Ellie Jones

Community Curators Daniel Ball, Lucie Rachel, Ellie Jones share the passion they have for creating queer visibility in local history.

Queer in Brighton

Queer in Brighton’s David Sheppard, with Katy Knapp and Roni Guetta. Listen to what David, Katy, and Roni have to say about the importance of Queer the Pier.

Lisa Hinkins

Lisa introduces how the team explored hidden lesbian stories through the exhibition.

Daniel Ball, Lucie Rachel, Ellie Jones

Community Curators Daniel, Janet, Lucie, David, Roni, PB talk about their exhibition highlights.

Zoe Smith

Zoe shares some of her passion for queer history being visible at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

Janet Jones

Janet has been on the project team since the start and talks about the importance of the representation of non-normative bodies in the exhibition. 


Hear from volunqueer PB about the importance of sustaining queer representation in museums.

Daren Kay

Daren talks about one of his favourite items within Queer the Pier that reminds us of the importance of queer resistance.

E-J Scott

E-J introduces a favourite object in the exhibition: a skirt made by young artist Colin Lievens.

Editing and captioning by @rosiepowellfreelance
Filmed at @brighton_museums
Supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund

Queer the Pier on our blog

Members of the Queer the Pier project team have written posts for our blog. From celebrating the ‘Godfather of Gay journalism’ to detailing the process of creating an animated Vesta Tilley, this is rich record of how the exhibition was put together.


The community curators produced several zines for the exhibition, although they have been removed as part of our Covid-19 safety measures. You can download and print them from the PDF files below or view an image gallery of the pages.


Gender Non-Conformity & Complicated Histories

Rotimi Fani-Kayode

LGBTIQ+ Roma, Gypsy & Traveller

Part of Be Bold, a series of collaborative exhibitions and events, programmed with Brighton & Hove’s LGBTQ communities.