Microsites are bespoke websites we create to dig deeper into the stories behind our collections and buildings. Often these microsites double as touchscreen interactives in our galleries.

Below is a list of links and descriptions for these microsites.

Royal Pavilion Indian Military Hospital

Screen grab from Indian Hospital interactive. Contains central image of Indian soldiers smokingThis site is used in the Royal Pavilion’s Indian Military Hospital Gallery. It offers a photo gallery and additional information about the Royal Pavilion’s use as a WW1 hospital for Indian soldiers.

It also ncludes links to community projects exploring India’s role in the First World War, and a popular Man in the Mirror feature, which enables users to zoom in on a revealing photograph of the hospital.

Queer Looks

Developed for our 2018 Queer Looks exhibition, this site reveals some of the voices and stories that shaped the exhibition. It features interviews with members of Brighton & Hove’s LGBTQ community, arranged into themes such as Coming Out, Nightlife, and LGBTQ Activism.

Visions of the Royal Pavilion Estate

This site was developed for our 2017 Visions of the Royal Pavilion Estate exhibition in Brighton Museum. It showcases prints and drawings that record the historic development of the estate, and its place in Brighton life. It also features links to interactive 3D models of the estate.

Football Matters

Developed for a future exhibition about football in Brighton Museum, this site has been created to capture thoughts on work in progress. The site is at a very early stage, but features some stories reflecting on what football means to its fans.