Experience a virtual tour of the WW1 Royal Pavilion hospital brought to life by young writers.

The Tales of the Pavilion Hospital website allows you to explore six rooms on the Pavilion Estate which were used by patients and staff of the hospital. Photographs, illustrations and fictional stories will provide an insight into how the people who worked or were treated at the hospital may have felt about the experience.


The stories have been split between the two hospitals that were established in the Pavilion: the Indian Military Hospital (1914-1916) and the Hospital for Limbless Men (1916-1920).

BMAG_SchProj_15JHThe stories of the Indian Hospital were written by Year 9 pupils at Hove Park School. The tales of the Limbless Hospital were written by members of the Young Carers, Brighton & Hove. In addition to writing their stories, the participants all recorded their stories at a local studio.

Notes for teachers

This website is designed to support classroom learning and can also be used at home as part of independent study. It supports the History curriculum at both KS2 (local history study) and KS3 (First World War). There are also cross-curricular links with Citizenship and English.

Some suggested activities:

  • Listen to one of the diary entries and write the next diary entry in the sequence
  • Explore the rooms on the website and decide which you would rather have slept in as a soldier and why
  • Use the website to inspire a poem about the Royal Pavilion Estate’s use as a military hospital

Another version of this website is available that will allow teachers to upload their students’ work and create their own tours. If you are interested in using this for your classroom or group work, please contact us for details using the form below.

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