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October 2020

‘Now Brighton Museum has reopened we’re back to sending our Insider newsletter to you once a month.

This month we share memories of working with David Bowie, discover a tiny organism with enormous value for our climate, and reveal the final episode of our Voices of the Royal Pavilion & Museums podcast.’

25 September 2020

Next week we take an important step in securing the future of our museums by becoming an independent charity. In just over 90 seconds our new animated video explains what this means for our visitors, staff and the city.

We also look back at some of the highlights of our online work for the Heritage Open Days festival. From dragon fossils to wallpaper pigments to a musical journey through landscape paintings, we followed the theme of Hidden Nature to some surprising and entertaining places.’

11 September 2020

As so many museums and historic sites remain closed, the annual Heritage Open Days festival has moved online. Our programming curator introduces some of the fascinating stories, art and music we’ll be posting online in the week ahead.

We also launch an experimental digital map, meet some of the curators behind Queer the Pier, and reveal the grisly story of Lieutenant Munro and a hungry tiger.’

22 May 2020

15 May 2020

8 May 2020

1 May 2020

24 April 2020

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January 2020

‘We start the decade with a wrecked ship, a fine feathered bird, and a mysterious Neolithic tablet.’

December 2019

‘As the year draws to a close, we look back at past presents, review our most popular online content, and say goodbye to a Booth Museum gallery, while looking forward to our new podcast and innovative digital experiences in our museums.’

November 2019

‘In this month’s Insider we take a look at some TV stars at the Booth Museum, revisit the old Brighton Museum galleries, watch a killer whale leave Brighton for Cornwall and reflect on the last year.’

October 2019

‘This month we relive a spooky encounter at Preston Manor, develop skills in the Royal Pavilion Gardens and meet 20th century Brighton’s most extraordinary twins.’

September 2019

‘This month we take a trip through 19th century Japan, explore two haunted houses, and see how young people use animation to discuss species exinction.’

August 2019

‘For this month’s insider, some mammoths help us look at Britain’s changing relationship with Europe; we reveal some shell-shaped ceramics; discuss the legacy of an influential gay journalist; and show how Friedrch Nagler’s work can inspire young artists today.’

July 2019

For July’s edition we explain why we take part in Brighton Pride, investigate a Victorian artist’s love of the moon, reveal a mysterious incident in Brighton Museum, and take a tour through Egypt with the last owners of Preston Manor.’

June 2019

‘In June’s Insider we look at 1920s’ Myanmar, a new children’s trail coming to Preston Manor, the history behind Sussex’s castles, and why a goddess can be found lying on a bed of roses in Brighton Museum.’

May 2019

‘For May’s Insider we look at a new interactive app you can test in Brighton Museum, an introduction to an upcoming local LGBTIQ+ history exhibition, and the fascinating history of a church in Preston Park.’

April 2019

‘In this month’s Insider we look at George IV’s fondness for horses, celebrate a Victorian woman who helped found our natural science collections, and take a trip through medieval Brighton.’

March 2019

‘This month we’ve revived an old magazine from our past, celebrated the achievements of women in science at the Booth Museum, and taken the Royal Pavilion to Texas.’

February 2019

‘A digest of stories from February, featuring fabulous hats, faces from the past, cycling feats, and greetings cards for your special foes.’

January 2019

This month’s Insider is full of faces from the past — from Brighton’s first residents to the star of a recent Google Doodle.’


December 2018

In this month’s newsletter we say hello to a frosty guest, farewell to a conservator, look at digital recreations of ancient Brighton & Hove, and see how the Royal Pavilion can be decorated for Christmas in just over two minutes.’

November 2018

‘This month’s newsletter is about hopes and remembrances. We’re looking forward to the festive season, with a collection of Victorian Christmas cards and the arrival of Father Christmas at Preston Manor. But we’re also looking at more sombre topics, such as how we remember the various struggles that brought women the right to vote and an end to WW1.’

October 2018

‘In this month’s newsletter we look behind the scenes of a royal visit, see how an old master can inspire marginalised artists, examine an eerie photograph taken at Preston Manor, and find out how a pioneering aviator came to break his propeller on Brighton beach.’

September 2018

‘Welcome to the September 2018 Insider newsletter. This month we introduce some stunning new views of the Royal Pavilion Saloon, meet some colourful snails, and discover why a ‘Jolly Roger’ was once proudly displayed in Hove.’