The Last of the Stanfords

In Vere Fane-Benett-Stanford, His Letters and Diary during the Great War, London, 1923 (henceforth abbreviated to Letters), a picture emerges of the last in the line of the Stanfords of Preston Manor, Brighton. Vere Fane-Benett-Stanford recorded many of his experiences of the First … Continued

Mary Tourle: a portrait at Preston Manor

Adapted from the article “The Iconography of Wealth & Privilege: a portrait of Mary Tourle (1775-1846) of Lewes at Preston Manor” by Kay Diggens, The Royal Pavilion Review, 1994 Number 1 As one gazes around the grand and imposing entrance hall … Continued

The Stanford Estate in Brighton and Hove

Visitors to Preston Manor often ask how the Stanfords managed to maintain and finance not only the Manor itself but also the Pythouse estate in Wiltshire, 3 Ennismore Gardens in South Kensington, a yacht and large houses in Madeira and … Continued