The Stranger Within: challenging stereotypes

The British Gypsy could be viewed as the stranger within, or as German Sociologist Georg Simmel described, ‘Stranger in society from elsewhere;’1 a people who settled among other inhabitants, though were treated with suspicion and ignorance as they represented an … Continued

The Marvellous Mrs Mary Merrifield

Curator Alexandra Loske is excited to discover that artist and writer Mary Philadelphia Merrifield was also a pioneering dress historian. She explains more in our new blog in the series 100 Pioneering Women of Sussex . Anita Corbin’s exhibition of … Continued


“Suited” is a life-size suit jacket made out of black card, collaged all over with the opened-out cartons from “Sustanon 250” (testosterone) injections, representing my personal usage for about 4 years. For me, testosterone is a vital part of making … Continued