London’s Camden Town Group visits Brighton and Eastbourne

Some of my favourite early 20th century English artists have been highlighted in two exhibitions in Sussex – the ongoing Down from London: Spencer Gore and Friends at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, and John Nash: The Landscape of Love … Continued

Queer the Pier: Vesta Tilley

As a community curator for Queer the Pier, I had a variety of different roles contributing to several aspects of the exhibition. A large part of my time was spent helping to create the arcade game section of the exhibition … Continued

A Trainee’s Experience on the Art UK Sculpture Project

Art UK’s project of photographing sculptures in art galleries nationwide recently involved objects in Royal Pavilion & Museums’ collections. The aim of Art UK‘s project is to photograph sculptures in public collections across the country to collate into one database. … Continued

Introducing Queer the Pier

For almost two years now, the Brighton Museum has housed the UK’s largest collection representing trans lives; The Museum of Transology. The exhibition currently displays diverse artefacts, including everything from prosthetics to train tickets, donated by Brighton’s vibrant trans community. … Continued

Pavilion Review 2007

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review 2007. View and download the February 2007 issue View and download the July 2007 issue February 2007 Angelica Kauffman’s Portrait of a Woman; oriental or occasional otherness? Examining the evidence for the … Continued

Pavilion Review 2005

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 2005. View and download the July 2005 issue July 2005 Muck and Magic A look at the history of the Pavilion Gardens, including accounts recording the cost of the design and … Continued

Pavilion Review 2004

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 2004. View and download the July 2004 issue View and download the December 2004 issue July 2004 ‘My old enemy…the gout!’ The stories of George IV’s health problems and illnesses including … Continued

Pavilion Review 2003

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 2003. View and download the October 2003 issue October 2003 World Art Overviews of the World Art galleries at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery including the James Green Gallery of World … Continued

Pavilion Review 2000

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 2000. View and download the July 2000 issue July 2000 ‘From The East Comes Light’: A Relic of the Raj at Hove Museum Discusses the Jaipur Gate at Hove Museum, focusing … Continued

Pavilion Review 1998

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 1998. View and download the April 1998 issue April 1998 Major Lottery Awards to Brighton Museum and Art Gallery Discusses development due to recent awards within the Royal Pavilion and Preston … Continued

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