Introducing Queer the Pier

For almost two years now, the Brighton Museum has housed the UK’s largest collection representing trans lives; The Museum of Transology. The exhibition currently displays diverse artefacts, including everything from prosthetics to train tickets, donated by Brighton’s vibrant trans community. … Continued

What’s in the Box?

Peek behind the scenes and see what we have found in our stores! Behind the scenes in our museums, our Curatorial & Conservation teams constantly work to catalogue, conserve and research the collections. Along the way, the team discover new stories about artefacts that they don’t always get a chance to tell. Our … Continued

Pavilion Review 2007

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review 2007. View and download the February 2007 issue View and download the July 2007 issue February 2007 Angelica Kauffman’s Portrait of a Woman; oriental or occasional otherness? Examining the evidence for the … Continued

Pavilion Review 2005

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 2005. View and download the July 2005 issue July 2005 Muck and Magic A look at the history of the Pavilion Gardens, including accounts recording the cost of the design and … Continued