The ‘Forces Sweetheart’, Dame Vera Lynn

Today marks 75 years since Europe marked the end of the war that had changed the face of the world forever. 8 May 1945, saw Winston Churchill proclaim peace in Europe with the words, ‘My dear frends, this is your … Continued

Doreen Valiente, mother of modern witchcraft

Today is Beltane, the ancient Celtic festival that marks the beginning of summer, and is celebrated by the Wicca movement. Today we celebrate one of Brighton’s most intriguing women, the mother of modern witchcraft, Doreen Valiente (1922 – 1999). In … Continued

Violet ‘Betty’ Baxter – Soup Kitchen Pioneer

Before the days of social media Facebook mutual aid groups and neighbourhood Whatsapp teams, a young woman called Violet ‘Betty’ Baxter, became known as the ‘Silver Lady’, for her support and work with those facing homelessness and destitution. The Silver … Continued

Early film pioneer, Laura Bayley

Any fan of early cinema will be familiar with Hove’s pioneering history of early film-making and film makers.  They may have even heard of George Albert Smith, the showman and early film maker who bought the town’s St Ann’s Well … Continued