Old Shoreham Bridge, 1904

Today’s smattering of snow in Brighton has inspired us to look at some wintry scenes in our fine art collection. This 1904 oil painting by William Henry Boyd captures the loneliness and cold of a trudge through nearby Shoreham. The … Continued

Brighton and The Dig

A new film on Netflix, The Dig, tells the story of the excavation of the Great Ship Burial at Sutton Hoo. The film is based on the novel of the same title by John Preston, the nephew of Peggy Piggott, … Continued

Episode 16: Finale!

In the final episode of Voices of the Royal Pavilion & Museums, Sophie interviews Nicola Adams, Digital Marketing Officer and Tasha Brown, Museum Futures Trainee – two individuals who perhaps typify the future of our museums – about their hopes … Continued

Episode 15: People First, Technology Second

This penultimate episode explores the ever-increasing role of digital technology in our cultural organisations by talking to Kevin Bacon, Digital Manager at Royal Pavilion & Museums. Kevin takes us on a whistle-stop tour of his own experiences of working with … Continued

Episode 14: A Prince’s Treasure

In 2019, over 120 items of furniture and decorative objects from the Royal Collection Trust were loaned to their original home at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton after 170 years away. Dr Alexandra Loske, Curator at the Royal Pavilion, talks … Continued

Episode 13: The Art of Conservation

In the first episode of the final series, Sophie speaks to Amy Junker-Heslip and Carola Del Mese, two members of the conservation team at Royal Pavilion & Museums. Amy and Carola share stories about some of delicate, painstaking and surprisingly … Continued

Introducing The Mindful Garden

As this year’s Heritage Open Days Festival moved online, we’ve been publishing stories this week on the theme of ‘Hidden Nature‘. From hungry tigers to dragon remains to the pigments used in Chinese wallpaper, we’ve provided plenty of ways you … Continued

Episode 12: Rummaging Through Boxes

In the final episode of the series, Sophie goes behind the scenes with Dan Robertson, Curator of Local History and Archeology at Royal Pavilion & Museums. Dan’s seemingly infinite descriptions of Victorian Egyptologists, holy water sprinklers, German mausers, grid irons, … Continued

Episode 11: Queer Histories

In this episode, Sophie is joined by Robert White and Kelly Boddington, two early participants of the workforce development programme at Royal Pavilion & Museums, who spearheaded LGBTQ+ interpretation in its current form across the organisation. Kelly, who works by … Continued

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Update 22 July 2020: as we were only licensed to show this video during the school term, it has now been removed. We hope you can stil enjoy the tiger skull below. The Booth Museum of Natural History may be … Continued

Episode 10: Frogs & Formaldehyde

The Booth Museum of Natural History is a museum of Victorian taxidermy (notably of British birds), but also insects, fossils, bones and skeletons. On TripAdvisor it has been described as “a place of wonder, with a bit of terror thrown … Continued