Episode 12: Rummaging Through Boxes

In the final episode of the series, Sophie goes behind the scenes with Dan Robertson, Curator of Local History and Archeology at Royal Pavilion & Museums. Dan’s seemingly infinite descriptions of Victorian Egyptologists, holy water sprinklers, German mausers, grid irons, … Continued

Episode 11: Queer Histories

In this episode, Sophie is joined by Robert White and Kelly Boddington, two early participants of the workforce development programme at Royal Pavilion & Museums, who spearheaded LGBTQ+ interpretation in its current form across the organisation. Kelly, who works by … Continued

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Update 22 July 2020: as we were only licensed to show this video during the school term, it has now been removed. We hope you can stil enjoy the tiger skull below. The Booth Museum of Natural History may be … Continued

Episode 10: Frogs & Formaldehyde

The Booth Museum of Natural History is a museum of Victorian taxidermy (notably of British birds), but also insects, fossils, bones and skeletons. On TripAdvisor it has been described as “a place of wonder, with a bit of terror thrown … Continued

Episode 9: Disrupting South Coast Colonialism

In this episode, Sophie is joined by Rachel Heminway-Hurst, Curator of World Art, and Edith Ojo, freelance Arts Consultant and advisor on the Fashioning Africa project. Rachel and Edith explain the history and culture behind Yoruba Aso-oke textiles from West … Continued

Episode 8: Life on the Frontline

Sophie meets some of the ‘walking encyclopaedias’ who work on the frontline at Royal Pavilion & Museums. Marcus Bagshaw, Sue Winkett, Clare Hartfield and Zak Flannery all work in the Visitor Services team across the organisation’s five sites. They provide … Continued

Episode 7: Workforce Development

In the first episode of Season 2, Sophie speaks to Nick Kay, Workforce Development Officer at Royal Pavilion & Museums. Launched in 2012, Royal Pavilion & Museums’ innovative workforce development programme is a unique example of an on-the-job museum training … Continued

Museums in Mind

Over the last few weeks we’ve produced a lot for you to read or look at, but not much for your ears to enjoy. Our Marketing Officer Rob White has a remedy for that with a weekend soundtrack inspired by … Continued

Virtual Walkthroughs of our Museums

Popping into your local museum may not be an option while under lockdown, but there are a few ways in which you can virtually visit our galleries from the safety of your home. Royal Pavilion 360 Saloon The spectacular Saloon … Continued

Physically closed, digitally open

Like all museums across the UK our doors are shut to the public owing to the coronavirus outbreak. But our online resources are as open as ever, and we’re making fresh efforts to publish even more over the coming weeks. … Continued

Lookback: Visions of the Royal Pavilion Estate

While our museums are closed and most of us are in lockdown, we’ll be finding ways of using our collections and online resource to provide some distraction. Sometimes we’ll showcase previous work that you may have missed. Today, we’ll focus … Continued

Episode 6: Reframing South Coast Colonialism

In this episode, Sophie is joined by Dr Helen Mears, Keeper of World Art and Sarah Lee, Consultant and Advisor to Royal Pavilion & Museums as well as Co-Founder of Brighton and Hove Black History. Helen and Sarah discuss how … Continued

Episode 5: The Gardener

Robert Hill-Snook is Head Gardener of the Royal Pavilion gardens in the heart of Brighton, having been in post for almost 25 years. Sophie takes a stroll with Robert as he reflects on his working life in this Regency garden, … Continued

Episode 4: The Ghosts of Preston Manor

Preston Manor is reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in Britain. In this episode Sophie talks to Chris Drake (Development and Operations Manager at Preston Manor), Paula Wrightson (Venue Officer), Lavender Jones (long-standing volunteer) and David Beevers … Continued