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LGBTQ+ History & Practice

Links to stories about LGBTQ+ history, both past and present. This includes blog posts, past exhibitions, and a range of media exploring LGBTQ+ lives, stories and objects from the collections. Exhibitions Queer the Pier This exhibition is part of Be … Continued


“Suited” is a life-size suit jacket made out of black card, collaged all over with the opened-out cartons from “Sustanon 250” (testosterone) injections, representing my personal usage for about 4 years. For me, testosterone is a vital part of making … Continued

Introducing Queer the Pier

For almost two years now, the Brighton Museum has housed the UK’s largest collection representing trans lives; The Museum of Transology. The exhibition currently displays diverse artefacts, including everything from prosthetics to train tickets, donated by Brighton’s vibrant trans community. … Continued