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Queer the Pier: Vesta Tilley

As a community curator for Queer the Pier, I had a variety of different roles contributing to several aspects of the exhibition. A large part of my time was spent helping to create the arcade game section of the exhibition … Continued

Introducing Queer the Pier

For almost two years now, the Brighton Museum has housed the UK’s largest collection representing trans lives; The Museum of Transology. The exhibition currently displays diverse artefacts, including everything from prosthetics to train tickets, donated by Brighton’s vibrant trans community. … Continued

Photograph of Chain Pier, 19th century

Piers for Pierdom Tumblr

An occasional blog looking at the history of Brighton’s piers. Produced to accompany our 2015 Pierdom exhibition at Brighton Museum. This blog looks back at the lost Chain Pier, the ill-fated West Pier, and the surviving Chain Pier, now known … Continued

Early film pioneer, Laura Bayley

Any fan of early cinema will be familiar with Hove’s pioneering history of early film-making and film makers.  They may have even heard of George Albert Smith, the showman and early film maker who bought the town’s St Ann’s Well … Continued

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