Water Buffalo gets a head start at the Booth Museum

As part of the Booth Museum closed period, we have been rotating the display heads mounted in the gallery, and replacing those on display with some which haven’t yet been displayed.

These include a tiger and warthog, but one head that has always been too difficult to move, has finally been displayed with the help of staff on site during the closed period.

Water Buffalo Head
Water Buffalo Head

This is the first time the water buffalo head has been displayed at the Booth Museum since it was originally transferred here from Brighton Museum & Art Gallery in the 1970s.

Water Buffalo Head
Water Buffalo Head

The picture features VSO Jennifer Robinson and the African Cape Buffalo skull for size comparison! We hope you can come and see for yourself when we reopen this Saturday 12th. 

Lee Ismail, Curator of Natural Sciences  

  1. Pennie Ingram

    I worked as a volunteer during school holidays for a few years at the Booth, before moving to a YTS scheme. I helped transport the osteology and zoology galleries from the Brighton Museum up to the Booth, and was there when they created the display. Happy memories.

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