Replacing a lamp standard on the King’s Road, 1 July 1975

If you’ve ever walked, cycled or driven along Brighton seafront, you will have noticed the grand lamps that light the King’s Road. But you’ve probably never thought much about the work it takes to set one of these into the ground.

Thanks to our photographic collection, we can reveal the work it took to replace one of these lamp standards in the 1970s. On 1 July 1975, photographers from Brighton Borough Council meticulously recorded the process of hoisting a lamp from the road and fixing it into the ground.

The entire sequence of photos are set out below in chronological order so you can follow the process from start to finish. Enjoy — and next time you take a stroll along the promenade, perhaps you’ll see these lamps in a new light. (Sorry.)



Kevin Bacon, Digital Manager

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