Animating at home with Remix the Museum

This February half term, dive under the sea and soar above the chalky cliffs to meet creatures from the past and present.

It’s time to get animated with our Ocean Blues themed activity by the Remix the Museum team.

You don’t need to have made animations before, there is a helpful tutorial video that explains each stage. You can also refer to the Remix the Museum Ocean Blues print pack [PDF]. Experiment and have fun!

Here are some questions and prompts to help you tell a story through animation.


  • How do we know what animals lived in the seas 100 million years ago? Through fossils.
  • Can you imagine what fossils looked like when they were living creatures? You could draw what you imagine them to look like, or look them up online.
  • Action: Make a simple animation using your drawing and the fossil pictures.


  • What bird do you see most often near the beach? These birds have a pesky reputation for stealing people’s chips! But did you know there are lots of different types of gulls.
  • What is your favourite bird?
  • Action: Use a drawing of your favourite bird, or these seagull pictures and make a simple animation.

Pledge to help!

How can you help the ocean? Simple tips include:

  • Learn as much as possible about your local marine life. The more we know about it, the more we can do to protect it.
  • Help keep your beach, your street, your park free from litter.
  • Support a local charity such as Sussex Wildlife Trust or Brighton Dolphin Project. Take part in their online activities and share their campaigns.

What’s your pledge to help? Can you share what it is by making a simple animation?

Make & share your work

For lots more information and pictures visit our Ocean Blues website. You can also find thousands of other free images on our Digital Media Bank.

If you’ve made an animation you’re particularly proud of, send it to us and we’ll try and put it on our website:


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