Half Term Science: Weaving Microscopic Patterns

Diatoms are microscopic algae with wonderfully detailed, symmetrical patterns. They inspired the Victorians to create miniature masterpieces which were shown at social gatherings.

Inspired by the microscope slide collections at the Booth Museum of Natural History, contemporary basket-maker Mary Crabb created a step-by-step guide to weave your own diatom pattern in this mindful activity for half term.

Weaved diatom

Step-by-step instructions

Download the Diatom weaving activity or follow the steps in the photos below. The guide has been adapted by Amy Charlton, Booth Museum volunteer.


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Amy Charlton, Booth Museum of Natural History volunteer

  1. Ana

    This is just mind blowing … I would never imagined that someone could dive into microscopic worlds and make art out of their rearrangement.
    This is wonderful!

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