Reflecting on my time with the Museum Collective

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It’s Kids in Museums Digital Takeover Day! Today, Brighton Museum is all about our Museum Collective, a group of young people who meet regularly at the Museum. Check out our Instagram for their online exhibition and hear from Amelia here on the blog, as she keeps in touch from her home in Vietnam. 

My name is Tran Phi Yen but you can also call me Amelia. I have been studying in the UK for two years now and I am part of the Museum Collective, a group for those aged 14-25.
I just graduated from the Art and Design Foundation course at Bellerbys College Brighton and my plan is to study Fashion Design at university. Currently I am back home in Vietnam.
During my time in the UK, I joined the Museum Collective since my art history teacher suggested that It would be a fun extracurricular activity to do. Indeed, she was right. The activity that I enjoyed the most was the event in which the members were given a tour of the Museum’s fashion storage collection with curator Martin Pel. We got to see the gowns, dresses and uniforms from different eras, including the 18th century, 17th century and even further than that. I really like that event because it was as if the stored garments were given another purpose and brought back to life.
As for the works that I have done in school, with most of the projects, they were really personal and I also tried to include some of the elements in my country’s traditional costume into the design. Other times, I found inspiration from architecture, movies, psychology and even packaging materials and incorporated it into my work. I have also used museums as a source of inspiration. The title of my project is “Sci-fi and futuristic fashion”. I went to different museums to find inspirations: the V&A, Science Museum and Natural History Museum. One challenge that I faced was the situation of the virus at the time, I was afraid that I could not go back to London anymore so I tried to find as many sources as I could and ended up going to those 3 museums in 4 hours. This actually forced me to work faster and my eyes had to spot the most stand out objects to save times.


I felt like I have moved out of my comfort zone a lot in this project. Prior to this, most of my inspirations only came from online sources, but with this project, I went to different places, from the Brighton Market, Glasses stores, clothing stores, the florist, etc in one hour to find packaging materials. I was so excited about the endless possibility I could explore with packagings and after deconstructing, manipulating, distorting and sketching these objects, I found an unexpected connection between these objects and cell particles. When I distorted and played with it more using photoshop, the sci-fi elements were clearly shown. In the end, those experiments really helped to form the theme of my project which is sci-fi and futuristic.

These projects were all put into my blog and I highly recommend you look into module 5, module 6 and the digital portfolio section. I found the connections between different fields in designs and science very fascinating, thus I will try to explore it even further in the future.

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Want to join the Museum Collective? They’re a group of young people (14-25 years) who are interested in all things arts, museums and heritage. We meet regularly at Brighton Museum and do lots of fun projects like this one. If you want to join us, email

  • Unfortunately the Museum Collective is not currently running due to Covid-19 but do get in touch as we will re-start as soon as possible.

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