Mid-Week Draw Online: Week 4

Beth has chosen a new selection of objects this week, along with a Pavilion Garden regular. She’s also drawn them herself to inspire you to join in. Take a look.


Draw Artists

We are very pleased to see that some of you have taken part in our online Mid-Week Draw, here are some of the fantastic works that have been sent in.

The estate fox, from regular Ann. She has a bandaged thumb so doesn’t rate it it that highly, but I think you can see its a fox!

Join In

If you are tempted to have a go, please share your drawings with us, we would love to see them. Email them to Beth at beth.burr@brighton-hove.gov.uk 

Tweet @BrightonMuseums or if you are uploading them to Facebook with pride, share the url in the comments section below.

Come back next Wednesday to see what new objects Beth has chosen.

Here’s this week’s additional drawing ideas:

  • Draw a close up of the eye. Try your teeth. Do a study of different people’s ears.
  • Draw the view out of a window.
  • Invent your own insects.

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The Mid-Week Draw

Beth Burr, Museum Support Officer

  1. Ann

    Adorable young foxy! Easy to forgive one like this chewed through my solar panels cable last month… o will try & draw him/her & post it Beth. Thanks for chosing.

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