Preston Manor Walled Garden

Nature’s cycle continues at the Walled Garden at Preston Manor despite the lockdown.

A haven of tranquility at the north-west corner of Preston Park, this wonderful space, looked after by a dedicated group of volunteers, is now bursting with life as the flowers and shrubs erupt in a dazzling array of colours and scents.

Photographs taken by Sue, one of the garden volunteers who lives close by.

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The Walled Garden is open for everyone to enjoy between 6am until 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Chris Drake, Development and Operations Manager, Preston Manor


2 Responses

  1. Polly Fairbairns

    Hello why aren’t the walled gardens open we are all missing out thanks ?
    Polly Fairbairns

  2. Jill Squires

    Thanks to all the people who have created and maintain this wonderful garden which I visited for the first time on 22/04/22.

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