Nature at Home supplementary: For the Bees

We hope you’ve been inspired by our Nature at Home blog posts (or just the sunshine) to look closer at the wildlife in your garden or outside exercise space.

As it is the City Nature Challenge this weekend (24 – 27th April), we thought we’d try and inspire you with the variety of creatures in your garden.

The bees visiting flowers may seem like just one or two species. Most people know a honey bee and a bumble bee. But there are over 270 bee species in the UK! This number is growing with climate change – the tree bumble bee has colonised Southern England from Europe with warmer temperatures. 

Whilst stuck at home due to the lockdown, I’ve been taking regular photography breaks to see what is visiting the garden. It’s been fascinating to see just how many bee species visit our garden. Here is a small gallery of some of the diverse species seen over the past couple of weeks – I’ve been able to identify some and am working on the others. Why not see what bees and other species you can find in your garden and get involved with the City Nature Challenge this weekend?

(Gallery of image with captions – all © Lee Ismail) 

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Lee Ismail, Curator of Natural Sciences 

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